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"Lance is a dynamic speaker! He will provide significant value to your audience and elevate your event."

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Lance Brown is a relationship and sales expert.

As a fundraiser (FUNraiser) and business professor at Utah Tech University, he has played an integral part in the university's explosive growth. His fundraising efforts have enabled the university to build a new football stadium, a state-of-the-art human performance center, and transition to Division 1 status.


Before working as a fundraiser, he worked as a national sales director at Living Scriptures Inc, where his list of accomplishments is extensive. While there, he recruited, trained, and managed nearly 700 salespeople and was responsible for over $20M in sales. Lance authored and published a children's book, "The Answered Prayer," that was featured on KSL, BYUTV, Deseret News, and the Salt Lake Tribune.


Lance has a bachelor's degree in marketing and a master's degree in executive leadership. Through his experience, he has gained valuable insights into what draws individuals to each other and moves people to action. He loves to share these empowering lessons with others. Lance is married and has six kids; they are all boys except for five of them.  As the former drummer/lead singer of his college rock band, he often wonders if he missed his life calling.

Talk Topics
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Backed by years of research and decades of real-world experience, Lance has developed a ground-breaking concept called The Influence Formula. This simple and powerful tool helps individuals understand and increase their influence. It applies to many areas of life, and he is adept at tailoring it specifically to your audience. 

A few groups where THE INFLUENCE FORMULA can be particularly beneficial are:


The Influence Formula


In today's world, positional leadership won't cut it, yet people are thrown into leadership positions every day and expected to perform simply by virtue of their title. Lance and his signature message provide leaders the understanding and motivation necessary to increase their influence and thrive in their role.


Research shows that productivity and problem-solving increases significantly when diverse teams work together. Unfortunately, many organizations today are plagued with tribalism and silos. A sound understanding of The Influence Formula enables organizations to overcome these inclinations and improve their teamwork. Organizations that understand and apply these principles will see a boost in morale and a major increase in overall productivity.


No profession requires the ability to influence others more than sales. Potential customers or clients are almost trained in resistance. As a salesperson and sales trainer for over a decade, Lance is acutely aware of the challenges and frustrations salespeople experience. The Influence Formula will provide the answers necessary for salespeople to overcome such obstacles and thrive in their careers.

How to Build a Strong Mission & Vision

With all of the competing demands for our time and attention, it can be very challenging to avoid distractions and focus on the activities that will have the biggest impact on your life and work. In this interactive and thought-provoking workshop, Lance will provide your organization with the tools necessary to approach their work with more intention and purpose. 

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How to Discover & Protect Your Purpose

Growing up in a digital age can make it difficult for young people to avoid distractions and focus on the most meaningful things in life. In this humorous and insightful presentation, Lance helps young people discover what they are “born to do” and arm them with the tools necessary to drown out the noise and realize their potential. 

How to Connect With Anyone

A recent study of over 6,000 young people from all across the world revealed that 1 in 3 of them suffer from (S)ocial (A)nxiety (D)isorder. To make matters worse, we are coming out of a pandemic that exposed them to isolation unlike any other time in the history of the world. Using humorous examples and tried and true techniques, Lance shares the power and joy that can come into your life through meaningful connections to others.

Top 5 Reasons To Book Lance

Experienced Lance has professionally presented in 32 of the 50 United States to audiences large and small. This is not his first rodeo! 

Innovative Lance will not simply regurgitate old and cliche information. He is a young, dynamic speaker with fresh insights and perspective.

Value Attendees will leave Lance's presentation with clear, actionable steps to improve their life and the motivation to act. 

Flexible As someone who has planned multiple major events, Lance understands what is at stake and will do all he can to ensure that your event is a huge success. He is easy to work with and will make every step of the process simple and smooth.

Entertaining Life is too short to sit through boring presentations. Lance uses timely and appropriate humor to ensure that listeners laugh while they learn.






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Where Do You Lie on
The Influence Spectrum?

To have lasting influence with others, they must see within you a combination of both credibility AND relatability. By taking The Influence Spectrum Quiz, you will discover which characteristic you primarily rely on for influence and gain valuable insight into how to increase it. 

“The Influence Spectrum quiz is a powerful tool that provided me with new insight into myself.”     


Brooks Burr


“This tool has forever changed how I view myself and the people around me.”


Neil Roberts

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Lance Brown is a dynamic and relatable speaker. He has the ability to instantly connect with his audience, get them laughing, and deliver an impactful and extremely relevant message. Most conference speakers are forgettable. Lance and the Influence Formula are anything but. His message will stick with you and change the way you interact and make an impact on others.

Ali Threet

Utah Tech University 

Dean of Students


"Lance' has a way with youth! He is so engaging and able to connect with them on their level. I watched our youth light up when he spoke and I know they walked away motivated and inspired."

Jeff Peterson 


Executive Director


Lance really took the time to get to know our audience to cater his Influence Formula to our conference attendees. His time and dedication in preparing the perfect message was evident in his presentation. Lance is an energetic and engaging speaker as well as entertaining and informative. I really appreciated Lance's professionalism and highly recommend the Influence Formula experience!

Karman Wilson

Special Events Planner

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I am eager to help you with your organizational goals! Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.

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Phone Number: 435.899.0284


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