"Lance is a dynamic speaker! He will provide significant value to your audience and elevate your event."

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As a fundraiser (FUNraiser) and business professor at Dixie State University, he has played an integral part in the university's explosive growth. His fundraising efforts have enabled the university to build a new football stadium, a state-of-the-art human performance center, and transition to Division 1 status.


Before working as a fundraiser, he worked as a national sales director at Living Scriptures Inc, where his list of accomplishments is extensive. They include top salesman, top recruiter, and top sales manager. While at Living Scriptures, Lance recruited, trained, and managed nearly 700 salespeople and was responsible for over $20M in sales. Lance authored and published a children's book, "The Answered Prayer," that featured on KSL, BYUTV, Deseret News, and the Salt Lake Tribune.


Lance has a bachelor's degree in marketing and a master's degree in executive leadership. Through his experience, he has gained valuable insights into what draws individuals to each other and moves people to action. He loves to share these empowering lessons with others. Lance is married and has five kids; they are all boys except for 4 of them. Lake Powell, UT, is his favorite place in the world to visit. He is a basketball fanatic and terrible golfer. As the former drummer/lead singer of his college rock band, he often wonders if he missed his life calling.

Lance Brown is a relationship and sales expert.

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Backed by years of research and decades of real-world experience, Lance has developed a ground-breaking concept called The Influence Formula. This simple and powerful tool helps individuals understand and increase their influence. It applies to many areas of life, and he is adept at tailoring it specifically to your audience. Putting Lance in front of your organization will be the best return on investment you will experience.

A few groups where THE INFLUENCE FORMULA can be particularly beneficial are:



In today's world, positional leadership won't cut it, yet people are thrown into leadership positions every day and expected to perform simply by virtue of their title. Lance and his signature message provide leaders the understanding and motivation necessary to increase their influence and thrive in their role.


Research shows that productivity and problem-solving increases significantly when diverse teams work together. Unfortunately, many organizations today are plagued with tribalism and silos. A sound understanding of The Influence Formula enables organizations to overcome these inclinations and improve their teamwork. Organizations that understand and apply these principles will see a boost in morale and a major increase in overall productivity.


No profession requires the ability to influence others more than sales. Potential customers or clients are almost trained in resistance. As a salesperson and sales trainer for over a decade, Lance is acutely aware of the challenges and frustrations salespeople experience. The Influence Formula will provide the answers necessary for salespeople to overcome such obstacles and thrive in their careers.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Lance

Experienced Lance has professionally presented in 32 of the 50 United States to audiences large and small. This is not his first rodeo! 

Innovative Lance will not simply regurgitate old and cliche information. He is a young, dynamic speaker with fresh insights and perspective.

Value Attendees will leave Lance's presentation with clear, actionable steps to increase their influence and the motivation to act. 

Flexible As someone who has planned multiple major events, Lance understands what is at stake and will do all he can to ensure that your event is a huge success. He is easy to work with and will make every step of the process simple and smooth.

Entertaining Life is too short to sit through boring presentations. Lance uses timely and appropriate humor to ensure that listeners laugh while they learn.






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Going Virtual

Hosting virtual events is no longer an unthinkable platform for connection. More than ever before, event planners and organizations are looking for ways to keep their audience connected and engaged, even when a live event is not possible. Lance will ensure a virtual experience that your audience will never forget!

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Where Do You Lie on
The Influence Spectrum?

To have lasting influence with others, they must see within you a combination of both credibility AND relatability. By taking The Influence Spectrum Quiz, you will discover which characteristic you primarily rely on for influence and gain valuable insight into how to increase it. 

“The Influence Spectrum quiz was a powerful tool that provided me with new insight into a critical topic.”     Brooks Burr


“This test changed forever how I view myself and the people around me.”

Neil Roberts

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"Lance's presentation opened my eyes! He presented in a way that was entertaining and thought-provoking. It was the perfect blend of research and personal experience. He leaves you wanting to hear more."

Megan Taupau

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"Lance's formula for gaining more influence is ground-breaking! The way he presents a complex concept in an incredibly easy-to-understand way will make you wonder why you've never thought of it before. The nice thing is he makes you laugh the whole way through. It is a message everyone needs to hear. You will never view yourself or the people around you the same."

Jay Remenheiser

"Lance gave a powerful presentation that was well worth my time. He easily and energetically explained how I could improve my influence by focusing on simple and profound principles. His fun, relaxed style made him easy to listen to."

Roger Toone

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I am eager to help you with your organizational goals! Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.

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Phone Number: 435.899.0284

Email:  info@lancewbrown.com

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